My Boyfriend’s Birthday Gift


Can you suggest an equivalent model with the same movement mechanism that you have in stock for immediate dispatch?

I look forward to hearing from you with options.

If you could send a link through to the website so that I can see the models you suggest, I will then confirm alternative watch.

Many thanks for sending me the details of the watches, I do not like the stainless steel alone, I have had a look on your website and I would like one of Model 45149, Model 45150, Model 45148. Your website states you have a stock of 998 for each of these models. Can you confirm that you can supply me with one of these Rolex Replica Watches please?

I’ve tried the Parcelforce website and this tracking number was not working so I rung them and they said this is not one of there tracking numbers and to contact you again! I am fuming now! I payed for this Rolex Replica UK 14 days ago and have no idea if I’m even going to receive it or not! I don’t even get a reply from u most of the time! This present is for my boyfriend his birthday is on Sunday and now thanks to you he hasn’t got anything for his birthday! Please reply asap or I will be cancelling this transaction.

Where Are My Rolex Replica UK ?


I tracked my package from the tracking number you sent below.  It stated my Rolex Replica UK parcel was delivered on Dec 25th, and was signed by addressee.  I was not home on Dec 25th, therefore could not have signed for the package.  As of today, I have not received my package and I’m concerned because the payment was made and I do not have my order.  Please assist me in locating my package.

Per your response to my email below, I tracked my package as you instructed and found out it was delivered and signed by “addressee” on Dec 25th.  I was not home on the 25th to sign for a delivery, so I need to know where my package was delivered to.  I am very concerned that I placed an order from your company, and paid for an item that I never received.  Your immediate assistance regarding my order is greatly appreciated.

Why did you send me the same information from your original email to me?  This is very poor customer service and unacceptable!  Please follow up with EMS, as my order was NOT delivered to me!  If I do not receive my Rolex Replica Watches parcel within the next week, I expect a full refund!

Replica Rolex Watches


I have a problem cause the watch arrived and I had to refuse it cause they told me if I accept it , you have to go to court because it’s illegal for imitation Replica Rolex, they told me that the seller knows about this problem . The problem was that Rolex watch was shipped from China. Because here in Malta all the items that come from abroad Europe, they keep them to check them ! Now or you give me the money back or you have to ship it from U.K as a normal packet cause when they come from U.K they don’t check them and they arrive directly to me. I didn’t know that the Replica Rolex Watches were coming from China . You have to ship it from Europe not from outside Europe ! Not with the stamps of China nothing about China! Can you tell me how to track the watch that is coming back , cause I don’t know how.

Rolex Day Date


Please can I order the Rolex Day Date, Automatic White dial-gold marking vintage edition 35_35712 please. I will be able to send the money £65 via Western Union on Fri 20th July. I will let you know the MTCN number and my full name once I have made payment. The problem is where the bracelet meets the watch on both sides the spring loaded pins. Don’t line up hence the bracelet keeps popping out, also two of the screws that adjust the strap fell out but I’ve put them back but they don’t seem very secure. Hope this help you see the problem, any questions don’t hesitate to email me. Did you get my email regarding faulty strap? If you didn’t,  the problem is if you look on the pictures I emailed you where the bracelet joins the watch the spring loaded pins keep popping out on both sides. Please advise what to do as I have had the Rolex Replica UK a month or so and can’t wear it.

The Best Rolex Replica Watches Sale UK

It is the correct watch although we would prefer it without the word “sea” on the face of the dial. Is this possible?  We are also concerned of the quality of the Rolex replica watch, as we would like it to be as exact to the original as possible. After all it is quite expensive as a copy at £92. Although most of your Rolex replica watches UK on your website are around £80. We have seen cheaper Rolex replica watches on the internet from India which are half the price and they guarantee them as 99% genuine as they are using exactly the same materials as the original. I will show my wife the photo and wait until she decides. If she decides she wants it, how do we order from you as it is not on your website? Also if we are not happy with the quality of the Rolex replica watch UK, what do we do?