Where Are My Rolex Replica UK ?


I tracked my package from the tracking number you sent below.  It stated my Rolex Replica UK parcel was delivered on Dec 25th, and was signed by addressee.  I was not home on Dec 25th, therefore could not have signed for the package.  As of today, I have not received my package and I’m concerned because the payment was made and I do not have my order.  Please assist me in locating my package.

Per your response to my email below, I tracked my package as you instructed and found out it was delivered and signed by “addressee” on Dec 25th.  I was not home on the 25th to sign for a delivery, so I need to know where my package was delivered to.  I am very concerned that I placed an order from your company, and paid for an item that I never received.  Your immediate assistance regarding my order is greatly appreciated.

Why did you send me the same information from your original email to me?  This is very poor customer service and unacceptable!  Please follow up with EMS, as my order was NOT delivered to me!  If I do not receive my Rolex Replica Watches parcel within the next week, I expect a full refund!