Return Policy


I will get information about the way to send it to you by normal registered mail, because here in USA I had trouble with the customs, because of the mail. I shall see the best way, without using express couriers.

But for the return, please do not send the watch back by mail.

When it is repaired, please use DHL, or FEDEX, or UPS, or etc.

Because I just had problems with the customs, they make spot controls at received air mail, and a Rolex Replica UK I ordered from PRC was arrested, and destroyed. And I have to pay a big fine.

So there is no return policy, only replacement available? Thanks for providing returning address but I don’t find return shipping label in the email. And also provide me if there is any format for mail to enclose and what is my returning number?  If you guide me the best registered airmail from USA that will be very helpful for me.

I can send you return with my own shipping label, but how can you assure that which I will get with Rolex Replica Watches that will work properly?  I am really worried about this. I don’t want to return again and again. That is why I am asking you for return not replacement. If there is no such policy, I would like to replace my watch.