The Differences Of The Rolex Replica From The Picture


Can you please confirm that I will shortly receive my products.

I have had no indication that this has been dispatched as I requested Rolex Replica Watches which are ‘in stock’ so they should have been sent by now and a shipping/tracking number sent?

I can confirm I have received the order and am absolutely delighted with them.

I will be ordering again and have put the items into the shopping basket in my account online, but would like you to confirm that the next order will be sent out in a more timely fashion !( no pun intended).

If you can guarantee this by email I will place my second order.

The watch that you’ve sent has nothing to do with the Rolex Replica UK from the picture. There are several differences from the watch from the picture.
The inside of the watch is too large for the watch itself, the is no Swiss made, the color needles are completely white, this is not a copy, this is not even a imitation! Look at both pictures and you will see the differences!
I’m still completely disappointed to have paid so much for that!