That Is The Only Order Number I Have


Please tell me that you can do something to help me. I am at the end of my rope with your company.
I understand that this is not your fault and I highly doubt that your company cares about being reported. I would just hope that someone there will do the right thing and send me the Rolex Replica UK I paid for.

That is the only order number I have. Every other correspondence has been through email. I wired the extra money, like an idiot, thinking that your company would make good on their promise. I have now paid for four Replica Rolex Watches and I have one watch that does not work and wasn’t the one I ordered to begin with.

Please generate another order number for the four watches I ordered through your representative. I get the joke now! Like the commercial. That’s really funny.
I want my Rolex Replica or either send my money back.

There is no bank receipt. The money was wired from a Western Union in Nashville. This seems to be an exercise in futility. Either your company will make it right or not. So the ball is in your court.

Why Can’t My Watch Pass Regular Customs?


I sell various replicas just via people I know and friends of friends. At the moment I import from China. But as you probably know the processing time and shipping time can take weeks. Is there any chance you are able to offer a wholesale price per Rolex Replica. So
that I can resell?

You say you sent out my Rolex Replica UK on the 6th March with a tracking number to follow. I’ve had no tracking number and you don’t reply to my emails. I’m getting increasingly worried that I’ve lost my money and my watch as you don’t reply to my emails.

Why can’t my watch pass regular customs? Surely your job is to sell Rolex Replica Watches and now it’s defective I gave this order on 13th February waited through the Chinese New Year and now this. I have sent you a email with the watch I would like Item Number 21808. If it cannot be sent please just give me a refund as I’ve lost all hope of receiving a nice watch from you and I am extremely upset.

I Would Like Something Done


I can’t believe you don’t have any of these Rolex Replica Watches and I am very disappointed as it says you have them all in stock, is there no way you can get any of them as they are all watches I really like and that is the reason why I used you. Seems to me that is false advertising.

However these are watches I am willing to order as a replacement of the ones above if you cannot get them at all.

I ordered the watch for a occasion coming up. I’m really not happy about this. I don’t have the time to do this as I am also going away on holiday. I have lots of friends and family wanting to order your lovely Rolex Replica UK watches. I just hope they work as £70 is not cheap for a replica.

I haven’t heard back from you. I would like something done about this. I have been sent a faulty watch which I paid “to me” a lot of money for. I’m really not happy. I have taken it to a shop and they will not touch it as it’s a replica. Another one said they could not do it too. So I would like something done.

I would like a refund or a new watch sent out I thinks it’s disgusting that this has not already been done. £70 is a lot of money to me to be sent something I cannot use!

Send Me a New Tracking Number


Send me another Rolex Replica UK as that is what I want , and if you refund me I am only going to go elsewhere and buy the sane model.
Can you please confirm this and send me a new tracking number for me to receive my watch in 3 – 10 days and I will let my credit card company know this when I receive the tracking number.

This is the first time that I buy from this company and I wish to clarify the following:

1-Price as shown 86,09 pounds, and they charged 91,8 pounds.(What is this difference in price)?

2-There is no any information about the timing of shipping materials.

3-There are no phones or the names of the employees of the Company can be contacted.

4-Today is the third day I did receive any information from the company about the timing of shipping (Rolex Replica Watches) It’s a watch not a car.

5-For this I think it’s difficult to promote your company.

Rolex Number 29502


I’ve done this procedure several times and it still won’t run. The 24 hour hand keeps stopping and now the watch stops everyday about 3AM. The date used to change at 12AM but now doesn’t change until 7AM. Since it’s under warranty, please send me instructions for returning it for repair. I will take the the band off and send the watch only. The band is very good. I thought the ETA movement was the best so that’s why I bought it. I like the watch and would like to have it fixed.

So sorry but my son does not like that watch, so if we can not get the original watch we ordered then can we have our money back. It did say they were in stock when we ordered it. My son likes the blue dial and rubber strap Rolex 30th anniversary chronograph with blue dial and strap.

I have ordered a Rolex Replica UK from you which was out of stock. For 113 pounds you have taken the money from my account and told me you can send me a Rolex number 29502 which is only 78.00 pounds but I would be satisfied with. But I have arrived home today to find a Rolex oyster number 25902 which is not what I want. This is a birthday present for my brothers birthday and he wants a Rolex with the stainless and rubber strap so can you email me back please and tell me how I go about sending this one back to you. And you sending the Rolex Replica Watches you said you was gonna send to me.