Send Me a New Tracking Number


Send me another Rolex Replica UK as that is what I want , and if you refund me I am only going to go elsewhere and buy the sane model.
Can you please confirm this and send me a new tracking number for me to receive my watch in 3 – 10 days and I will let my credit card company know this when I receive the tracking number.

This is the first time that I buy from this company and I wish to clarify the following:

1-Price as shown 86,09 pounds, and they charged 91,8 pounds.(What is this difference in price)?

2-There is no any information about the timing of shipping materials.

3-There are no phones or the names of the employees of the Company can be contacted.

4-Today is the third day I did receive any information from the company about the timing of shipping (Rolex Replica Watches) It’s a watch not a car.

5-For this I think it’s difficult to promote your company.