I Cannot Trace The Rolex Replica UK


It’s a present for my dad and I can’t change the payment method because the website won’t let me. I want to pay on my card rather than my dads otherwise he will know what I have bought him. Can I still get the discount if I set up a new account?

I have ordered two Rolex Replica UK from you and I have not received them. You have charged me via your payment service. The order numbers are 2012178 and 2012179.  Please tell me when they will arrive as you have my money but I don’t have any watches.

The tracking number you have given me is a fraud, the number is an old one over four months old. Where are my watches? I think you are cheating me and taking my money. Please reply or I will contact my credit card company and customs to report you.

Because parcel force says your tracking numbers are not real and I cannot trace the Rolex Replica Sale, also it is taking a long time to get them.

My watch is still in China, why have you not delivered to UK? Chinese post says it is back with you. This is terrible service, I have paid you for this watch, when will you send it to me? Please tell me, you provide very bad service with this watch. You already have my correct shipping details on the Replica Rolex UK order.

Please Supply The Original Rolex Replica UK


Many attempts have tried to resolve the non existence correspondence with me trying to get you to respond to where my order has gotten to. Please if you cannot supply the original Rolex Replica UK ordered for some reason I will have no further action other to recover my money from VISA debit if you cannot supply the watch ordered. Can you change the order to the following watch if this is anymore convenient to yourselves if not I shall go down the legal route. Do not think for one moment that because it was a replica watch I will not take legal action upon your company. No tracking code has ever been sent to me although a completely different company appeared on my visa statement. I shall not be deterred in the fact that I ordered a Rolex Replica Sale and if I receive no response to this email I shall certainly be putting up danger warnings on all the Replica Watch Forums.

I ordered watch number 334532 from you on 28th march 2016 and received OK. I have already been in touch with you about the cost and other charges. Now I noticed, having received the watch through the post and tried it on that I am a bit unhappy with the quality of the item. The logo on the watch face is crooked and doesn’t look right. It spoils what is otherwise a good quality watch. I would be happy to receive better Replica Rolex Watches as I am happy in all other aspects of the watch.

My Son Likes The Copper Watch


I have been in Spain and only just seen the watch on my return to UK. I have to say I am very disappointed. Obviously it is not “real” 18c gold, and it doesn’t even look yellow. It is copper color.

The other Rolex Replica Sale in the picture is a real Date Just 18c gold.  I would not obviously expect 18c gold for £66, but I would have thought the manufacturer could have used a metal that is yellow, not copper. It does not look like a Rolex. The watch has not been worn. Would it be possible to return to you and exchange for one without “gold” in the bracelet?

As a trader you must surely be aware of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). You advertised a product as resembling 18c gold or yellow and the one supplied looks like copper. I am in Spain quite a lot, and can buy decent fake Rolex watches for about £25. I chose yours at £66 because I wanted to choose a particular watch. I would not wear this watch, so offering me £13 off another one really does not solve my problem. The Rolex Replica UK should be sent back to the manufacturer so that they can get it right for future customers. I would like a fake Rolex that looks like a Rolex.

My son quite likes the “copper” watch, so I will take up your offer of 10% reduction from another order. How do I do this ? I would like to order a silver dial watch with silver bracelet.

If I ordered a second watch, would you give me discount? There are two different Replica Rolex Watches to be delivered together in one box.