My Son Likes The Copper Watch


I have been in Spain and only just seen the watch on my return to UK. I have to say I am very disappointed. Obviously it is not “real” 18c gold, and it doesn’t even look yellow. It is copper color.

The other Rolex Replica Sale in the picture is a real Date Just 18c gold.  I would not obviously expect 18c gold for £66, but I would have thought the manufacturer could have used a metal that is yellow, not copper. It does not look like a Rolex. The watch has not been worn. Would it be possible to return to you and exchange for one without “gold” in the bracelet?

As a trader you must surely be aware of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended). You advertised a product as resembling 18c gold or yellow and the one supplied looks like copper. I am in Spain quite a lot, and can buy decent fake Rolex watches for about £25. I chose yours at £66 because I wanted to choose a particular watch. I would not wear this watch, so offering me £13 off another one really does not solve my problem. The Rolex Replica UK should be sent back to the manufacturer so that they can get it right for future customers. I would like a fake Rolex that looks like a Rolex.

My son quite likes the “copper” watch, so I will take up your offer of 10% reduction from another order. How do I do this ? I would like to order a silver dial watch with silver bracelet.

If I ordered a second watch, would you give me discount? There are two different Replica Rolex Watches to be delivered together in one box.