The Watches you’ve chosen to collect are highly conventional

Rolex’s Cellini line is usually the only one with watches worth my time. The 50505 is one of them. Beautiful, even in gold. The minute track is fine to me, the Eterna KonTiki Date also has its minute track in the same posiyion, and it adds a bit of excitement to the dial.

Some, of course, will say they would prefer a Vacheron or Patek than this. I would disagree, especially on the Patek, it is more interesting than a Calavatra. Overall, the 50505 is a fine watch.

Well, if you have any kind of active life, a g shock is likely to be a better everyday choice than a replica Rolex watches uk, but probably wouldn’t fit with your self image of tootling down country lanes in a status symbol banger.

Given that both the car and the watches you’ve chosen to collect are highly conventional, highly unimaginative displays of conspicuous wealth, I don’t think you’re in any position to lecture anyone on taste, especially those of us that don’t have your budget.