The Rolex Deepsea Challenge Is Essentially A Beefed Up Submariner Deepsea Watch

Rolex isn’t new to this game. They were even part of the 1960 Deepsea mission just as they were with the 2012 mission. Aside from merely being a sponsor, the brand developed a new Replica Rolex Watches UK to go down with the ship. Most dive watches are pressure tank tested. Meaning they go into special dry tanks which simulate water pressure and test to see if air leaks into a watch case.

That’s useful and all, but Replica Rolex UK wanted to test its new experimental watch as deep as possible in real water. Strapped to the Deepsea Challenger’s robotic arm was the new, not-likely-ever-for-sale Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch. Robots – as our future overlords –  will apparently also prefer to wear mechanical watches.

In a sense the story of the watch’s mission is almost anti-climatic. It went down to almost 11,000 meters and came up just fine and without a hiccup. The Rolex Replica UK is essentially a beefed up Submariner Deepsea watch (originally released in 2008).

With the same in-house made Rolex Caliber 3135 automatic COSC Chronometer movement, it is larger in most all ways but retains the same basic DNA. Think of the Rolex Deepsea Challege and the Deepsea’s bigger more commercially unavailable brother.