Aftermarket Truck Parts North America

aftermarket truck parts North America

While choosing aftermarket truck parts for your truck, it is important to consider several factors. For starters, you should consider the warranty and technical support of the parts. Additionally, you should evaluate the training and documentation offered by the distributor. Additionally, be sure to inquire about product-specific experts available for help. Branded parts are more likely to receive the aftersale support and marketing assistance you need. Moreover, OEM manufacturers create tolerances and specifications that ensure quality and longevity of their parts. Even a little adjustment can affect performance.

Alliance(tm) Parts

Alliance(tm) Parts is an American private label truck parts and accessories company. Founded in 1998 as Alliance Brand Parts, the company now specializes in all-makes and models parts. Their products meet or exceed OEM specifications, and come with nationwide warranties to ensure that they will work correctly. Moreover, they do not compromise on quality, making them an excellent choice for fleet operators.


If you’re looking for truck parts, consider buying them from the trusted Meritor brand. This company has been trusted by mechanics and drivers for decades, and is a leading manufacturer of axles, drivetrains, and wheel-end components. Based in Troy, Mich., the company has production facilities and sales centers in the US, Europe, and Asia/Pacific regions. The company offers a diverse range of parts and services, including aftermarket and genuine OEM production components.


TRP aftermarket truck parts are manufactured by an industry leader with over 20 years of experience. Founded in 1994, the company provides a wide range of dependable replacement parts for commercial vehicles. With more than 1,000 locations in North America and around the world, TRP is an excellent choice for fleet owners and operators looking for quality parts at competitive prices. The company’s global reach allows it to meet the needs of customers around the world and provides expert service and technical support.


The LKQ aftermarket truck parts North America company is a provider of recycled and remanufactured automotive and truck parts. LKQ also distributes specialty truck equipment and accessories in North America. LKQ obtains most of its aftermarket inventory from automotive parts manufacturers and distributors. The company also procures recycled products from salvaged vehicles, which are typically severely damaged after collisions. These vehicles are sold primarily through salvage auctions and salvage pools. LKQ then dismantles them and generates refurbished and remanufactured products from these recycled vehicles.


The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) is a trade association of remanufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers. APRA members are primarily manufacturers of automotive and truck parts. In North America, APRA represents the aftermarket for heavy-duty truck parts. It also includes the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, which is the only trade association dedicated to the heavy-duty truck parts industry. The Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association represents the automotive and industrial chemicals industry in the U.S. and abroad.


HDMA aftermarket truck parts North America is growing at a rapid rate, with more than four times as many members as last year. While the aftermarket truck parts industry is larger than ever before, the outlook for the truck industry remains strong. According to industry sources, the U.S. truck market will reach $4.1 billion this year, with a 2.8 percent compound annual growth rate. Across Canada, the aftermarket will grow by about four percent.


The International Truck Parts Association (ITPA) was formed in September 1974 with 46 charter member companies. The mission of ITPA is to foster relationships among truck sellers, buyers, and surplus parts suppliers. Members range from small independent reman companies to large OE suppliers. The ITPA website contains articles and links to more than 4,000 manufacturers’ websites. ITPA is the premier trade association for truck parts in North America.


Aftermarket truck parts are the industry’s fastest growing segment, and MEMA represents the interests of more than 1,000 companies throughout North America. The association is making changes in its leadership as well, including a change in CEO. Current CEO Tim Kraus will retire in 2021, and his successor David Giroux will take over as president and chief operating officer. MEMA is an independent trade association that represents manufacturers of commercial and industrial vehicles.


Interested in learning more about aftermarket truck parts? Visit the CVSN website. This organization is the leading voice in legislative and governed affairs for the aftermarket truck parts industry. It is also a premier destination for training and knowledge-based solutions. The CVSN aftermarket truck parts directory lists more than 12,000 aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers. To start, apply today. CVSN has been a recognized industry leader since 2001.

S&S Truck Parts

S&S Truck Parts is the world’s largest independent distributor of new aftermarket truck parts. Founded in 1952, this business has been supplying truckers with fast-selling parts for heavy and medium-duty trucks. The company employs skilled technicians and engineers, ensuring that each product meets OEM and customer quality standards. In addition to offering quality parts, S&S provides its distributors with private-label branding, cataloging, and point-of-purchase marketing.