The Hands Suddenly Stopped Moving


I recently acquired a Rolex Day Date from you, I have not worn the watch yet because while I was adjusting the time the hands suddenly stopped moving. I have tried pushing the crown back in and trying it again but with no success. I absolutely love this watch and don’t want to part with it. I have had several watches from you now and had no problems with the others. Can you advise me what I should do next.

For the Rolex Day Date watch. I have tried everything you told me to do with the watch, but it hasn’t made any difference. The watch hands are working but I can’t adjust it to the correct time. Also the date has stayed the same. It’s stuck on 10. The Rolex Replica UK has good power to it and has been running now for 48 hours. I have tried and tried again to make it work so I can adjust it but the hands will not move. Can you advise me what I should do.

I am Thinking a Rolex Day Date


Reference order 33417 please disregard, I did not intend to buy two watches, I thought the first item had been deleted. Having said that, my credit card failed to pass in your system, I tried twice, same result, I have checked with my company, card has no problem, I want you to delete this order from your system, and the card detail, when I see this is done, I will re-order using a different card.

I have emailed four times now about the above Rolex Replica UK. It won’t allow me to adjust the time, when the crown is unscrewed no matter what position it is in the crown just spins and neither the hands or date changes. The watch my wife ordered from you a year ago also has a problem with the crown (it will no longer screw back in) so I am wondering whether this is a typical problem. Please advise how I go about getting a refund or an exchange (if exchanging I would like to buy one of your Swiss movement watches in case they are better quality – I’m thinking a Rolex Day Date). Please can you respond as soon as possible.

The Hour And Minute Hand Stop


I have had this Rolex Day Date since Friday and have worn it since it arrived. However I am experiencing problems. The watch keeps stopping? Can you assist? The strange thing is that although the watch stops it is the hour and minute hand that stop, the seconds hand keeps moving. I have not removed the watch at all, aware that it is an automatic and movement is important for it to keep ticking. This included wearing it in bed at night. The watch has only been removed when showering. The problem persists. Can you please advise? Or may I request that the problem is mended or the watch replaced?

I have carried out the instructions that you provided. However it as made no difference to the performance of the watch at all? Since approximately 1330hrs on the 26th Oct it has stopped numerous times. In excess of 10. Each time I have reset the time, but the issue remains consistent. In addition, as detailed in my previous email, the watch strap is also faulty. The pin at the hinge on the strap having worked its way loose. Would be grateful if you could provide an address for me to send the watch to be mended or replaced. The Rolex Replica UK has since stopped again and today, the 27th Oct, I have removed the watch and now await your further instructions.

Rolex Day Date


Please can I order the Rolex Day Date, Automatic White dial-gold marking vintage edition 35_35712 please. I will be able to send the money £65 via Western Union on Fri 20th July. I will let you know the MTCN number and my full name once I have made payment. The problem is where the bracelet meets the watch on both sides the spring loaded pins. Don’t line up hence the bracelet keeps popping out, also two of the screws that adjust the strap fell out but I’ve put them back but they don’t seem very secure. Hope this help you see the problem, any questions don’t hesitate to email me. Did you get my email regarding faulty strap? If you didn’t,  the problem is if you look on the pictures I emailed you where the bracelet joins the watch the spring loaded pins keep popping out on both sides. Please advise what to do as I have had the Rolex Replica UK a month or so and can’t wear it.